Winch Outs; How to Get Your Car or Truck Out when Stuck in Mud, Sand or Snow in River Grove, IL

In the State of Illinois, rain, snow and mud is a normal occurrence throughout the year. Therefore, you may never know when you’ll find yourself stuck in the sand, snow, or mud. This is why Bernie’s Towing wants to help every driver be prepared to get out of these sticky situations. Bernie’s Towing will share how to get out of sand, snow and mud and if all else fails when to call for a winch out service.

Must have Tools to Get a Stuck Vehicle Out

1. A short handled shovel is an essential tool that should also be kept inside your vehicle.
2. A Hi-Lift Jack can lift the weight of the heavier vehicle. It can also raise your vehicle higher which gives you a better chance to get your vehicle out.
3. Tow straps can be used to help pull a stuck vehicle out if you’re able to get assistance.
4. Sturdy boards or steel tracks are used to give a vehicle sturdy footing.

How to Get a Vehicle Out of Mud

Most drivers get stuck in the mud when they drive through ruts made previously by an earlier vehicle. This especially occurs if the vehicle had bigger tires that dug deeper into the mud than your tires. If you find yourself stuck in mud, first try reversing your vehicle turning the tires in a different direction to create a new rut. Keep moving the steering wheel from side to side to get out. If that fails, grab the shovel and remove the mud in front of the wheels. Place a solid object such as your board or a flat rock underneath the tires that sunk into the mud. Put your car in drive and see if your can get out. If that fails, repeat the same process but try doing it in reverse. Once out of the mud don’t stop until you find solid ground. If you still find yourself stuck, call a towing company that provide winch out services.

Car or Truck Stuck in Sand

When you’re driving through loose sand never stop your vehicle until you are on solid ground, and don’t park on sand. If you find yourself stuck in the sand, avoid accelerating when attempting to get out or you will dig in deeper. Instead, grab your handy shovel and dig the sand out around the tires. Once most of the sand is moved away from the tires, use your jack to lift your tires up and then place the solid board or rock underneath the tire directly. Then lower the jack so your tires are back on ground level. At this point you should be able to drive out of the sand. Once again, don’t stop until you’re on solid ground.

How to Get Unstuck from Deep Snow

If you are driving in snow it’s a good idea to use snow chains. Snow chains can reduce the chances of getting stuck in snow. However if you get stuck in the snow, remove the snow away from your tires. Place your boards or find a branch, or anything else that can provide traction, in front and slightly to the edge of your tires. You may even want to increase the weight of the vehicle if possible to help the tire grip better. Once in place, accelerate your vehicle. If you still can’t get out, contact a towing company.

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Winch out services can get your vehicle out of the mud, sand and snow. If you need a winch out service, towing, or roadside assistance, contact Bernie’s Towing today.

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