Emergency Roadside Assistance

Bernie’s Towing of Chicago, Illinois supplies automobile owners with towing options and roadside assistance services locally and in surrounding areas. We are completely licensed and insured to provide our professional services and expertise to the community at affordable rates. With the help of premium quality products and equipment utilized by Bernie’s Towing technicians that have experience, training, and skills, we can give you the services you require. Bernie’s Towing diligently applies traditional values and friendly customer service to every performance.

Road Side Services

Bernie’s Towing includes an assortment of roadside assistance services for stranded motorists throughout the Greater Chicago, Illinois area. Such roadside services include; auto lockouts, fuel/fluid delivery, tire changes, jumpstarts, and more. Getting stranded on the road is rarely anything less than a frustrating experience, and having a dependable company that will come to your aid quickly and provide the care you need is highly beneficial. With our 24 hours emergency availability, we can come to whenever disaster strikes. To reach us quickly and conveniently, be sure to store our contact information in your cell phone.

Automobile Lockouts

When facing yourself with an automobile lockout in Greater Chicago, Illinois, you need a reliable and proficient professional to come and gain entry to your vehicle, especially if there are emergency circumstances involved. Bernie’s Towing specialists can get into your vehicle quickly and efficiently without inflicting any damage.

Fuel & Fluid Delivery

Bernie’s Towing is available to the motorists that find they are in need of fuel or other pertinent fluids that are needed to ensure your vehicle can get you back in transit. Whether you neglected replenishing your gas, or tried to push it further than what it could be, Bernie’s Towing is there to bring you the fuel you need to get to the closest gas station.

Flat Tire Changes

Automobile tires can be temperamental, from experiencing slow leaks, to quick deflation, and straight out tire blowouts. Tires commonly need changing, especially if the intense weather and rough terrain are a factor. Bernie’s Towing is within your reach if you are uncomfortable with changing the tire yourself, lack the know-how, or simply are not prepared with the right tools and equipment.

Battery Changes & Jumpstarts

Batteries deplete the power they possess easily enough if the lights are left on, doors opened, or if the weather is extreme enough to affect the battery’s power. No matter how it happened, getting your battery jumped can be a challenge in of itself. If you find your battery isn’t up to the task, contact Bernie’s Towing of Chicago, Illinois today and let our helpful technicians give your battery jumpstart.

Emergency Roadside Assistance in Elmwood Park, Evanston, Dolton & Greater Chicago, Illinois

There are a number of different services and circumstances that might result in the need of professional roadside assistance, and if your vehicle is too complicated for minor adjustments on the side of the road, Bernie’s Towing is equipped to get your vehicle to where it needs to be for a remedy. If your automobile is experiencing difficulty in the Greater Chicago, Illinois are, contact Bernie’s Towing today and our experts will quickly come to your location ready and able to give you the roadside assistance you need.

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