When Do You Need a Flatbed Tow Truck & When is Wheel Lift Towing Best in Skokie, IL

Wheel lift towing is an efficient way to transport your vehicle, but it may not be right for all vehicles. It will all depend on the type of vehicle you have, where you are going and the way your vehicle is positioned. Wheel lift tow trucks are equipped with a wheel lift that has a metal yoke that fits underneath the front wheel of the vehicle being towed. A hydraulic system is used to hoist the vehicles front or rear end off the ground. As the vehicle is towed, the remaining two wheels run along the road.

Know Your Car

You need to know what kind of system you have. Two-wheel drive systems can be towed using wheel lift towing. If you have all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, then you shouldn’t use this method to tow your vehicle because all four wheels need to be lifted off the ground when they are towed. Otherwise the transmission can be damaged. There are some exceptions and you can find out for sure by checking your vehicle’s owner’s manual. There are dollies that can be placed on the two wheels that run on the ground to reduce chances of transmission damage. The only problem is that this can’t be done for long tows at high speeds.

Benefits of a Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel lift towing is much better than hook-and-chain towing. This method is less likely to damage the frame and bumper of the car because rather than wrapping chains around the axles of the car, the metal yoke will lift the vehicle by the tires. Vehicles are also easier to tow with this method and tight spots are more easily maneuvered. If you have a dead battery or a flat tire when you are parallel parked, it can be hard to get your vehicle towed without damaging your car or cars around you. This is when wheel lift towing comes in handy.

When Do You Need a Flatbed Tow?

There are situations where a flat bed tow truck will need to be used. These are the most common and safest type of tow truck. These tow trucks have a long empty bed with a flat top. Hydraulics will be used to move the flatbed up and down and the ramp can be slid partially off the truck frame and lowered to ground level. This method of towing is made easy because you can drive your vehicle up the ramp or it can be pulled up if it’s inoperable. The vehicle is then secured with towing straps and chains. A wider variety of vehicles and boats can be towed with this method.

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