Reasons Car Won’t Start in Harwood Heights, IL; Dead Car Battery, Bad Alternator or Failing Starter

When you go out to start your car and head out on your errands and it will not start it can really put a damper on your day. We all depend on our car or truck to get us around and when that does not happen our entire day can be off. There are many reasons that you could end up having car troubles. This can be something from a flat tire all the way to trouble with the motor. When it comes to not being able to start a car there are three reasons that are the most common.

Bernie’s Towing Outlines the Top Reasons Your Car or Truck Won’t Start

Dead Car Battery: You have a car battery that is there to power up your vehicle when you go out to start it. The battery in most instances should last about five years. There are other types of weather that could potentially cause the battery to go out sooner. The battery is able to continue to work because it works along with the alternator. If you go out to start your car and you realize that the car is dead there is a chance that the problem is a dead battery. Even if the battery is still good it can be dead if you have left a light on in the car or your headlights on. There are some signs that you can check for when it is your battery. Your engine will crank but just won’t start or it will not crank either. You also might notice that the car started perfectly fine one day and the next day it has no power.
Bad Alternator: The alternator is part of the vehicle that works with the battery. The battery has to be recharged to keep it working each time you start the car. The way that happens is when your car is running the alternator works to charge the battery. If your car will not start and it seems that there is a dead battery it could be the alternator. One of the first signs that your alternator is about to have a problem is if you notice that the lights are flickering occasionally. It also might be the alternator if you jump start the car and the next morning the battery is dead again. The alternator is part of the car that can be checked and also repaired or replaced if that is the issue.
Failing Starter Solenoid: The other part of the vehicle that comes in handy when you are trying to start the car is the starter. It is the mechanism that is needed to get the energy from the battery to the starter to get the car going. The battery will use an electrical spark that is sent to the starter then the engine is able to turn over and start. The starter issue can be when you notice that the lights are on but the car will not start over. You will need to have your starter replaced in order for the vehicle to run.

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