Tips for Preparing a Vehicle to Be Towed in Norridge, IL; Inspect Tires, Remove Heavy Items & More

Whether you need a towing service in an emergency situation or you need a vehicle towed to relocate or transfer a vehicle to another location, if you have the luxury to prepare your vehicle you will want to do it. For those who have never been in the situation where you needed a vehicle towed, Bernie’s Towing will share some prep tips to ensure a stress free tow.

Preparing to Tow a Vehicle

Reduce & Remove Items from Vehicle – If your vehicle unexpectedly needs to be towed or if it is a planned tow, you will want to remove any unnecessary weight. If you’re planning a longer distance relocation you will want to remove as much of the extra weight as possible. Ideally you will want to strip the vehicle down as if you just bought it. Most towing estimates are based on the vehicle’s weight since the heavier the vehicle the more fuel the tow truck uses. Removing all unneeded weight puts less stress on your vehicle while it is being towed and also on the tow truck. To help remove unneeded stress and reduce the cost of the tow, remove as much weight as possible.
Inspect Tires – When you have the time to properly prep your vehicle to be towed you will also want to inspect the tires. Check your tires pressure and make sure they are properly inflated. Not only does having tires properly inflated help unload or load the vehicle it can prevent damage to the rim and wheel. If you have the time to prep the tire it is strongly recommend doing so before you have your vehicle towed.
Roadside Assistance – If you’re planning on using a flatbed trailer or planning to do your own towing, make sure to have some backup. You may want to have roadside assistance ready from a towing company that provides that service. In the event you run into some trouble you will want a backup plan.
Confirmation – If you’re planning to have a vehicle transported to another address you will want to set it up with the towing company and make sure to receive a confirmation of the delivery from the towing company. Make sure before you hire a towing company to transport a vehicle that they provide confirmation of delivery first.
Emergency Towing – There are many advantages for those who have the time to prep the vehicle to be towed. However, for those who need an emergency tow you don’t always have the luxury of prepping your vehicle. If you need an emergency tow, while you wait for the tow truck you will want to make sure all important documents are removed such as insurance cards and registration. Additionally, write down your vehicle’s VIN number and License plate number. Remove all personal belongings and items you don’t want to leave behind.

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Like most situations in life, the more you prepare for it the less stressful it can become. It is recommended to prepare you vehicle the best you can during each towing event. If you need more help or advice in preparing your vehicle to be towed, ask us at Bernie’s Towing. We provide great towing and roadside assistance services. For your towing needs, contact Bernie’s Towing today!

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