Car Fluids List in Melrose Park, IL to Avoid a Breakdown & Needing a Tow; Coolant, Engine Oil & More

When you have a vehicle there is a lot that goes into caring for it. One is that you need to pay for insurance so that you are covered if there is an accident. You also know that you need to keep your car running you have it tuned up as well as repaired when it is necessary. It is easy to know that when the gas gauge shows you are low you head to the gas station and fill it back up. This is very common and can be taken care of on any corner that has a gas station. With that said there are other fluids that you car or truck needs to run smoothly. If you don’t keep track of the fluids that your car needs it can lead to damage and breakdowns leaving you stranded.

Bernie’s Towing Lists Fluids You Need in Your Car

Coolant: The coolant is a fluid that needs to be at an optimal level. The fluid is used as a way to keep the temperature of the engine down so that the motor does not seize. The coolant is also referred to as antifreeze and is usually a neon color that is used not only for overheating but also freezing over too. If you notice this neon color dripping from your car you most likely have a leak. The leak is something that needs to be repaired right away. If the coolant gets too low the car can end up with some serious problems that will leave you stranded.
Engine Oil: The oil is another fluid that has a job that is extremely important to your truck or car. The oil is needed to keep the moving parts in the motor from causing friction. Friction then leads to heat and that can cause the motor to burn out quickly. The oil that you fill in your car is a see through yellow color and when it has run through the motor it often comes out black. If you oil is leaking you need to have it repaired and keep a close eye on the oil level in the car. This is a fluid that needs to be drained out and replaced on a regular basis.
Transmission Fluid: Another fluid that you need to keep a close eye on is the transmission fluid. This is the same whether you have an automatic or a manual vehicle. The movement of the transmission needs to stay lubricated and that is what this fluid does. It should be flushed and replaced depending on the manual of that car. The fluid is often a red color that should not leak out of the car at all. If it is leaking it needs to be repaired.

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