How to Change a Flat Tire in Oak Park, IL; Where to Put the Jack When Changing a Tire & More

If you drive a vehicle, regardless of the make, model or description you can pretty much expect to experience a flat tire at least once in your lifetime. If your car or truck begins to pull to one side and you hear a noise that sounds like a loud thump, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and call your local towing company for emergency roadside assistance services. According to the knowledgeable experts at Bernie’s Towing, you should never attempt to change a tire yourself especially when conditions are unsafe to do so such as inclement weather, poor road conditions or you are missing the necessary equipment to complete the task safely. Still, it’s always prudent to possess the necessary skills to change a tire yourself as the knowledge to do so is just as important as operating your vehicle and could be your only option if your find yourself on the side of the road with no way to call for emergency backup.

Tire Changing Kit for Car

There are several tire changing necessities that need to be kept in your vehicle at all times including a spare tire, a lug wench, a jack, flashlight and batteries, reflective triangles, flares, wheel wedges, and leather work gloves. If suspect that you have a flat tire, slow down, turn on your hazard lights, and pull over in a safe, flat, preferably well-lit area such as a parking lot. Once you arrive at a complete stop, engage the parking brake before exiting and placing your reflective triangles behind your vehicle. Use your wheel wedges on the tires opposite the flat.

How to Change a Flat Tire

Begin by locating a small notch under the fender which indicates where to place the jack before removing the hub cap. Next loosen the lug nuts using your lug wrench while the car is safely on the ground. Using your jack, raise the vehicle roughly six inches and fully remove the lug nuts working in a crisscross pattern to keep the tire level. The crisscross pattern will help ensure that the tire stays balanced for easier removal. Once the flat tire is removed, take your spare tire and line it up with the lug bolts. Begin by tightening the lug bolts with your fingers before lowering the vehicle and safely removing the jack. Tighten the lug nuts using your wrench using the same crisscross pattern that you used to remove the flat before replacing the hubcap or wheel cover. Check the tire pressure in your spare before getting back out on the road. Lastly, take your flat tire to your local tire store for flat tire repair or disposal and don’t forget to prepare for your next tire emergency by replacing your spare with a new one.

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Of course, even if you have all the correct tools and equipment to change a flat tire, road conditions, inclement weather or equipment that is neglected and poorly maintained may make it dangerous to do so. Failure to maintain the correct air pressure in your spare tire for example may impede your efforts and make driving hazardous. If you need assistance with a flat tire, the experienced professionals at Bernie’s Towing offers emergency roadside tire services to get you back on the road quickly and safely. To learn more about emergency roadside assistance and towing services including tire changes, contact the knowledgeable experts at Bernie’s Towing today.

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