What Other Services Do Towing Companies & Roadside Assistance Providers Offer in Evanston, IL?

When we think of car towing we envision the triangular gantry with a hook. Most tow companies though are turning to the tilting flatbed truck to carry your vehicle to your choice of destinations. The flatbed truck is popular and there is less chance of damaging the vehicle than when engaging the traditional tow.

What is Roadside Assistance

Roadside services include jumping an obstinate dead battery, gas in those incidents when you didn’t quite make it to a station, water to combat overheating, an auto lockout when you lock the keys in the car and a tire change for a flat tire. Roadside assistance services like Bernie’s Towing show up with our tow truck on the off chance all attempts at the roadside assistance fail.

Locked Keys in Car?

Ever been shopping and on returning to your car you see your keys dangling in the ignition with the doors locked? Many tow services are providing car lockout services. Equipped to open doors and defeat all known vehicle doors we open the door for you so you can resume your journey and be on your way.

Auto Wrecker Services

Wrecking services include towing your car after an accident or removing that clunker out back. Wrecker services are also used when the vehicle just dies and all roadside efforts end in defeat. Of course tow companies are sometimes used in repossessions and many companies contract with the city, county and state law enforcement to provide wrecker services in clearing accidents and towing vehicles incident to arrest. One of the criteria needed to evaluate a company are reputation for honesty, quick response, reliability and expertise. You don’t want the bottom ripped from underneath your Beemer or Porsche. Large trucks and tractor-trailer rigs also have differing equipment and experience needs. Long distance truckers occasionally need the assistance of a wrecker when their equipment fails or breaks down.

Off Road Recovery Winch Outs

Special circumstances call for special equipment or experience. A car over a steep embankment maybe recovered better by a traditional tow truck verses a flatbed wrecker. A tow company must be equipped to handle recovery operations from over a cliff to vehicle immersion in lakes and rivers. Not only do they need to recover the vehicle but preserve evidence if there are criminal activities associated with the car. Most tow drivers either have a special driver’s license for towing or a commercial driver’s license. Some companies like Bernie’s Towing provide training so their drivers can handle a broad range of assistance when responding to roadside service calls.

Towing & Roadside Assistance Services in Elmwood Park, Evanston, Dolton & Greater Chicago, Illinois

Tow, wrecking and roadside assistance make towing companies a community asset. They are needed from small towns to large urbanized cities. Tow companies clear accidents, preserve evidence, clean up derelicts and provide helpful services to those stranded and out of fuel or in need of a tire change. Bernie’s Towing is proud to serve the good people of Chicagoland and look forward to continuing to do so. Contact us for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.

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