What Happens When Your Car Gets Towed in Elmwood Park, IL; Who Do You Call for Fast Service?

There are a number of scenarios where your car can be towed away before you knew it happened. Sometimes “no parking” areas weren’t correctly or clearly marked, your vehicle broke down in front of a gas pump, or it was stranded on the highway for far too long. Regardless as to why or when you vehicle gets towed, you might panic and wonder where to start looking for your missing vehicle. Bernie’s Towing Service knows the feeling and wants to help you know where to begin looking for your vehicle and what it takes to get it back.

What Are My Rights if My Car Got Towed? How Do I Find it & Get it Back?

1. Check for Cause – If your vehicle has disappeared, before completely panicking, look around for the cause. See if you parked in a handicap space, a no parking area, or not in a designated parking zone. Even restricted parking zones are just cause enough for someone to call a tow vehicle. If you broke down in a gas station and in front of a pump, often property managers will call to have the vehicle towed. If you discovered a valid reason for your vehicle to be towed next ask for possible witnesses.
2. Where to Look for Your Vehicle – If your vehicle has been towed you can start looking at a Towed Vehicle Locator where you enter your vehicle license plate or VIN number. Another option if you have no luck on the Towed Vehicle Locator is to call your local police department. They often keep records for towed vehicles and can help you locate which impound lot your vehicle was towed to. Often in order to reclaim your vehicle, you must be prepared to pay all fees which usually include towing and impound fees. Additionally, you will need documentation of ownership of the vehicle, such as insurance and registration and ID of the actual vehicle owned. You may want to call ahead and know what fees need to be paid. Most impounds accept cash, credit card, and cashier’s check. Personal checks aren’t typically accepted.
3. Read Over Documents – When you go to get your vehicle from impound, read over all documentation as to why your vehicle was towed. Make sure to keep all documents pertaining to your vehicle and why it was towed. You may be able to reverse charges or fees if your vehicle was towed under wrong circumstances. You also have the right to a towing hearing if you can validly reverse the charges.
4. Common Reasons Why Vehicles are Towed – Again there are a number of different reasons why a vehicle may be towed. Here are some of the common scenarios as to why your vehicle might get towed.
• Blocking a Fire Hydrant or Handicap ramps or Sidewalk
• Obstructing Traffic
• Parking in a “Marked” Tow Zone
• Driver with a suspended License or Being an Unlicensed Driver
• Expired Registration or Unpaid Parking Tickets
• You Abandoned your Vehicle

Towing & Roadside Assistance Services in Elmwood Park, Evanston, Dolton & Greater Chicago, Illinois

If your vehicle has been towed for any of these reasons, often you will need to locate which impound yard your vehicle is at and pay all fees. If there are valid reasons why your vehicle was towed such as a suspended license or expired registration, you may need to correct these circumstances. Bernie’s Towing Service can help provide roadside assistance and towing services. If you need our services, contact Bernie’s Towing Service today.

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